New iMacs surf slowly

Macs slower than PCs? Can it be?? Wired has a shocking report on the performance of the new iMacs. It seems the cute little lampy-things aren't even fast enough to surf the web properly:
Tests conducted by Wired News confirmed reader complaints that a new 800 MHz iMac takes an average of twice as long to render Web pages as a comparable or cheaper PC running Windows XP. Even on broadband networks, the iMac's default Internet Explorer browser took an average of 10 seconds per page to render several popular sites, including and the Apple Store homepage.

Slashdot discussion pages and some weblog sites took even longer, despite their lack of fat graphics. The diagnosis: The problem is not a bandwidth issue caused by fat HTML, but an annoying delay in actually drawing the page onscreen after its components have been downloaded.

"I spent $1,800 on a computer that's slower than the $400 eMachine it replaced," one iMac user wrote in an e-mail

Burns Pentiums indeed. (Thanks, gregory.)
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