Team TR Folding update

After busting into the top 100 last week, we've already climbed the charts to 59th place, and we're still rising. We've passed our friends at Apple Computer, Inc. They must be running the client on the older G3's.

For stats on our team and competing teams, I have found to be a wonderful resource. This java-powered page will allow you to graph team and individual output, and it shows projected results in a very nice graph form. You can view your production, compare it to Damage Labs, and see just how behind you really are. You can also view projected team output and see just when we'll overcome the competition.

Another bit of information: there are some protein WUs going out, in the proteinA series, that are large and complex. I currently have a Celeron 450 working on one, and it has been for over 50 hours, with 60% completion on it, so if you think your stats are down or if you haven't sent in a result for a while, it's most likely your machine is crunching this monster. Don't worry; it has one of the highest scores available for any work unit—5 points.

If you haven't joined Team TR yet, see here for more info.

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