Friday night topic: Le Pen is mightier...?

So what exactly is the fuss about Le Pen's strong showing in the preliminary round of the French elections? Everyone is apoplectic over it, but I'm having a hard time finding out exactly why this guy is so wildy unacceptable other than a few stray comments years ago for which he has apologized. The overblown indignation over Le Pen seems typical of leftist tactics in general; this fact makes finding out whether the guy is really so horrible rather difficult. As this article points out, Le Pen's positions are generally no further to the right than the right wing in the UK. Yet everyone yells "fascist!" and even National Review doesn't like him. Is he just the equivalent of a U.S. Republican in a country that's gone wide to the left, or is he something worse?

I really don't know. French politics = not my thing.

Another question, perhaps largely unrelated: I understand many of those arrayed in coalition against Le Pen are unreconstructed Communists. On the scale of Millions of People Slaughtered in the Twentieth Century, fascists have nothing on commies. Why no moral outrage about them?


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