Hercules/Guillemot hurting?

Kyle at the cold, HardOCP was sharp-eyed enough to notice that Hercules/Guillemot/Thrustmaster seems to be having some trouble. He writes:
There seems to be lots of super top secret stuff going on at Hercules/Guillemot/Thrustmaster here in North America. For the longest time last week their Hercules website was off line and now we have gotten word that they are laying off employees.
Hmm. And I wondered why their long-time (and very good) PR rep, who was only a couple weeks ago scheduling E3 appointments, suddenly left. Kyle got this statement out of their Director of Marketing:
Currently we are realigning our company to be better in touch with our customers and end users, and in that regard are making staffing changes accordingly. There are neither ‘official’ statements nor specific details available at this time.
I can't help but wonder if the defection from camp NVIDIA hasn't had something to do with the company's troubles. It's gotta be hard to hawk Kyro cards and keep sales up.
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