Who will win the next round in graphics?

— 10:18 PM on May 7, 2002

It's well past time for a new poll, so I've finally put one up. Last time out, we asked what you all thought of the "Opteron" name for AMD's upcoming server chips. About half of you were indifferent, while 28% liked the name and 24% hated it. I expect that's about as good as anyone could expect from a completely fabricated name.

The next question is more vexing: Who will lead in graphics technology by Christmas? We already know 3DLabs has a killer chip in the works, and we know Matrox has something ready to announce on May 14. We're also expecting DirectX 9-capable chips from ATI and NVIDIA by fall. SiS has its vertex and pixel shader-equipped Xabre chips ready to roll, and Trident has produced an amazing little chip with a deferred rendering architecture and full DX8-class shaders.

And there's always Bitboys! Oy!

So who's it gonna be? I haven't decided yet myself. Click here to go vote.

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