United Overclockers fights AMD legal moves

In response to AMD's recent legal moves against small resellers catering to the enthusiast market (see our previous story for details and my take), United Overclockers has formed and taken up web residence at unitedocers.org. Here's a snippet from their statement of purpose:
This Website is dedicated to promoting the interests of the Overclocking Community, both Individual Enthusiasts and the Small Businesses which supply them. Acting in isolation, we are helpless against the power and influence of the Large Corporations which seek to dictate how we may use their products. United, we form a large group of highly dedicated and intelligent people ready and able to inform and, if necessary, fight the selfish and misguided forces that would maximize their profits at the expense of our peaceful and constructive overclocking enterprises.
ComputerNerd USA is the little vendor behind this initiative, and they're looking for others who received a scary call from AMD's law firm to hop onboard. The Nerd also has posted a quick press release about how his business will be affected by AMD's legal threats.

TR has asked AMD about its intentions in making these recent legal moves, including the possible ramifications for makers of "Golden Fingers" cards, and we will keep you posted as we learn more.

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