1. Mods4ME discusses OCZ Tech controversy
  2. Geekshelter reviews ABIT KG7-RAID
  3. Mikhailtech reviews WinTasks 4 Professional
    and has another giveaway
  4. Last day to register and win a Swiftech MCXC370

  1. Rage Underground reviews Unitech Optimus 7500 Ultra
  2. reviews Hercules Radeon 8500 LE
  3. Geekshelter reviews NVIDIA GF4 MX 440
  4. Digit-Life reviews Hercules XPS 510 active 5.1 acoustic system
  5. The Hardwire reviews PQI USB compact flash card reader
  6. Geekshelter's keyboard mod
Cases and accessories

  1. Extreme Overclocking has Lian-Li PC-72 case mod
  2. Tweakers Australia reviews SkyHawk MSR-4620 mini-server case
  3. BlargOC reviews PCLincs 12" green cold cathode
    and Danger Den Maze 2 water block
  4. ExtremeCooling's brushless fan autopsy
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