Just a quick note to let you know what we're up to. We had a gent from VIA visting this weekend, and you should see the results of that later this week. There's also something—or is that three things?—on the horizon in the next couple of days or so. Should be a fun week.

Honestly, we've been working like dogs around here lately just to keep up with the stream of new hardware releases and other good things that have been happening. TR is experiencing a new level of success, and your contributions have definitely helped. Thanks again to all of you who pitched in. Still, what we need in order to really get this thing going is more advertising. The ad space available here at TR offers great exposure, and I've been remiss in not trying to sell it. If you work for a business—big or small—whose products might interest our sharp, tech-savvy, and extremely good-looking readers, please drop me some e-mail at and we'll talk about advertising. We're easy, so even if your business isn't huge, at least shoot us some mail. We won't laugh at you. Much.

In other news, our Folding team is absolutely laying waste to the lower- and middle-echelon of teams out there, even though we've only been doing this for a short while now. We've blown past a bevy of Mac-related teams with their little G4s chugging away for all they're worth for the good of science, and we've put ourselves in position to enter the top 20 teams within a week or so. Right now, we're at 24th and climbing. Our next scheduled victim: Team AnandTech. Read all about it and join up if you haven't yet.

People seem confused about this, so I should mention it once more: the Friday Night Topic is not supposed to be topical (unless we really want it to be). The weekend has begun, and we're kicking back, shooting the breeze about whatever strikes our fancy. So don't complain that the FNT is off topic! That's the point.

Since my review, I've gotten the Shuttle SS50 working with a PCI GeForce4 MX 420 video card (with Shuttle's help). I'm pleased to report that turning off the integrated video frees up about 400MB/s of memory bandwidth, so this box is nearly as fast as a full-sized ATX setup for many tasks (other than gaming) now. I'll try to put together an update with some benchmark numbers if I can.

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