— 2:42 AM on May 13, 2002


  1. Tellus releases TWL-U11 wireless LAN USB dongle
  2. Microsoft convicted of software piracy (thanks Ryan Earle)
  3. VIAHardware reviews Arprotek e-Cube barebone system
  4. Mods4ME has Intel i845D tweaking guide
    and oval window kit giveaway
  5. TFC Launcher's new URL
  6. New web-hosting company: UH-HOSTING

  1. Hard Tecs 4U reviews P4 2.53 & 2.4B GHz processors (in German)
  2. reviews MSI K7D Master-L
  3. The Tech Zone reviews DFI AD73-RAID
  4. Overclockers Online reviews AOpen AK77-333
  5. VR-Zone reviews Leadtek K7N420DA nForce 420-D
  6. Sharky Extreme reviews MSI 645E Max2-LRU SiS 645DX
  7. Overclockers New Zealand reviews ABIT BD7 & EPoX EP-4SDA+ mainboards
  8. Icrontic has Crucial PC2700 vs. Corsair PC3000 comparison
  9. Mikhailtech reviews Crucial PC2700 DDR333 memory
Multimedia, case, and cooling

  1. LostCircuits reviews Gainward GF4 Ultra/750XP
  2. Digit-Life's April 3Digest and Joytech Apollo
    Bloody Monster II GF4 Ti 4600
  3. CDR-Info reviews Waitec "X-FILE" DVD+RW drive
  4. X-bit labs reviews IBM Ultrastar 73LZX (Discovery 2)
  5. Tweakers Australia's ATA/100 vs. ATA/133 hard drive comparison
  6. Hard Tecs 4U reviews ASUS E616 DVD-ROM drive (in German)
  7. ReviewMakers on Xoxide Z-40 Insight modded case
  8. 3dGameMan reviews Zalman CNPS-6000CU cooler
  9. DeviantPC's 80mm fan roundup
  10. t-break equips P4 with SK6
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