1. 100GB optical disc? (thanks Mark Schrader)
  2. Virescent Networks reports that Intel flaunts performance crown across the board
  3. Designtechnica on wireless technologies
  4. Etation Media gets facelift and new focus
  5. Viper's Lair reviews Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
  6. Bytesector's Tactical-Ops article & interview + case contest
  7. The Tech Zone invites you to win a USB light gun
  8.'s contest and giveaway
  9. Dan's Data on lies and marketing
Systems and graphics

  1. Overclockers Online reviews SOYO P4I Fire Dragon
  2. Tweakers Australia has DDR memory performance roundup
  3. Icrontic reviews QVS 2-port KVM switch
  4. Sharky Extreme reviews PNY Verto GF4 Ti 4600
  5. Amdmb reviews NVIDIA Ti4200 & MSI Ti4400
  6. 3dXtreme reviews XFX GF4 MX 440
  7. accelenation reviews ATI DV Wonder
Multimedia, case, and cooling

  1. Neoseeker reviews Samsung SC-152L 52x CD-ROM drive
  2. TweakTown's Altec Lansing speakers roundup
  3. 3dGameMan reviews irock! 520 MP3 player
  4. reviews Super Flower SF-201 case
  5. X-Treme PC TECH reviews PCMods Rheobus V.2
  6. EXHardware reviews Vantec Stealth 80mm case fan
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