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  1. Transcend PC800-40ns RIMMs now available for the latest Intel i850E systems
  2. Antec helps PC users stay cool with top 10 tips for summer
  3. PCStats on FireWire vs. USB: Apple and Intel play hardball
  4. TechSpot's Jedi Knight II tweak guide
  5. VR-Zone on new SOYO motherboards to be showcased at Computex
  6. Monster-Hardware reviews CPUCool
  7. GeekExtreme reviews RecordNow MAX 4.0
  8. 3dXtreme and Hardware Pub review BackUp MyPC
  9. Geekshelter on hosting a LAN party

  1. TweakTown on Intel i845G chipset
  2. GamePC reviews ASUS P4B533-E i845E
  3. Hot Hardware on dual Athlon goodness with MSI K7D Master
  4. Digit-Life examines Intel & VIA chipsets for Pentium 4 on 533 MHz bus
  5. Overclockers New Zealand reviews ASUS A7V333
  6. Hard Tecs 4U reviews EPoX EP-4BDA2+ (in German)

  1. accelenation on Matrox Parhelia-512's 30-bit color support
    and color-depth in gaming
  2. X-bit labs reviews SUMA Platinum GF4 Ti 4400
  3. RatedPC revisits ATI Radeon 8500
  4. G3D updates dual display shootout: SIS315 vs. ATI Radeon VE
  5. TweakTown reviews X-Micro Impact T4200
  6. Hard Tecs 4U reviews MSI GF4 Ti 4400 (in German)

  1. Designtechnica reviews TDK VeloCD 24/10/40F ReWriter
  2. chillblast reviews Manova DC200-VG digital camera
  3. Tweakers Australia reviews Wacom Graphire2 graphics tablet
  4. HexedReviews on InterMagic VoiceCam II
  5. Viper's Lair reviews CaseAce GearGrip Pro
Cases and cooling

  1. OnePC and TweakNews review Xoxide Enlight Breeze pre-modded case
  2. Amdmb reviews Skyhawk MSR4620EP(F) aluminum mini-server case
  3. SubZeroTech reviews Kingwin KF-102 mobile rack
  4. Mikhailtech reviews Titan TTC-CF80A system bracket fan
  5. Dan's Data adds 5 more coolers to the coolers comparison article
  6. Hardware Pub reviews Vantec 6040/H preproduction coolers
  7. Digital-Explosion reviews Zalman CNPS6500A-ALCU
  8. GiBTEK's 80mm fans shootout
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