Rollin' the poll

We've got a new poll up, and this time around, it's part of my devious plan to collect anonymous usage data about the site's readers so I can hunt you—yes, you, sitting behind the monitor—down and sell you laundry detergent and shampoo. The question is: How old are you? Simple, really. Vote here. I'll start: I'm 30! Yes, I am nearly fossilized.

Last time out, after some particularly insistent gerbils decided we weren't good "journalists" because we expressed editorial opinions about their beloved Apple computers, we decided to take a poll and see what eveyone really thinks about the topic. Oddly, the proportions of voters who picked "biased tripe" and "telling it like it is" stayed steady from very early on. 20% of voters really don't care for our opinions on the state of the Mac, while 80% were right there with us.

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