ASUS gives away over $20,000 in prize money

ASUS is announcing a new logo contest in its latest press release:
Taipei, Taiwan, May 27, 2002 – World leading technology solution provider, ASUSTek Computer Inc., today launched a new contest paying participants to help create a new company slogan. The online “Big Bucks for Your Thoughts Slogan and Essay Contest” opens May 27, 2002 and invites everyone to test their creative skills to grab a share of over $20,000 USD in prize money.

ASUS needs a new slogan and will put their money where your mouth is. Think of a slogan that’s creative and fits the ASUS company philosophy or write a short essay illustrating why ASUS products are superior, and have the chance to win big prize money. Anyone is eligible and several cash prizes will be awarded.

Prospective participants should head over to the ASUS Special Events website for more details.
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