DDR400 busts out the bandwidth

COMPUTEX — Motherboard maker Albatron is demonstrating an overclocked Intel 845E-based system here at the show using DDR400 memory, and they were kind enough to install SiSoft Sandra on their demo rig. In order to prove the demo is for real, Albatron has a scope connected to the system that shows the memory's actual clock speed: 200MHz, or 400MHz DDR.

No foolin'
Crank off a run of Sandra's memory benchmark, and this is what you'll get:

The top line is the P4/DDR400 system's score
Over 3GB/s ain't bad, eh? DDR400 memory may not be super-plentiful for a while, but it's already floating around here. I'd expect it to be available enough for tweakers like us to start using it in the next few months.
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