Shuttle's new XPC

Barebone kits seem to have replaced beanie babies as the toy to have among young children. Seriously, Shuttle remains the pioneer of the field. Inside a private room at Computex, Shuttle is showing the "ET Panel," a new stylish front panel for the SS50 (TR's review is here). Shuttle is offering the LED panel in green and blue with an orange model to follow.

One of the major complaints with these kits is that there is no AGP slot. Well, Shuttle's forthcoming XPC line will change all that. In addition to an AGP slot, the Shuttle SS51G will support Intel's 533MHz FSB Pentium 4 processors. This enables you to put a GF4 Ti 4600 card inside like so. Shuttle also offers these barebone kits in different colors. Other companies are looking to cash in on the barebone kit craze, as well. It should be fun to watch.

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