Shuttle cubes: Resistance is futile

COMPUTEX — Shuttle knows it has a good thing in the cube systems like the SV24 and the SS50, and Shuttle's Computex showing sends a clear signal that more and better small-form-factor systems are coming soon. Now dubbed XPC systems, these little "barebones" boxes are getting new looks and new options. The cleaner new look of the SS40G system is being extended across the line, and some new color choices will be available. Most striking is this gorgeous little black rendition:

Shuttle Socket A cube is back in black
Also coming: interchangeable faceplates for the silvery-white original version of the SS40G. Some of them are lighted.

Most importantly, though, Shuttle is very close to releasing AGP versions of the XPC systems. The Pentium 4 edition, SS51G, was running perfectly with a LeadTek WinFast GeForce4 Ti 4600 in its AGP slot. Like so:

Yep, a real cube with a real AGP slot
These first AGP-endowed cubes will be based on an SiS chipset, and they will use Shuttle's now-patented heatpipe cooler to keep noise low.
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