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Of course, there has been non-Computex news. These two items aren't brand-new, but they deserve some coverage. Lindows.com has announced LindowsOS SPX, the first "broadband OS." Here is part of the press release.
"There's a whole new class of computer users being cultivated by the combination of broadband and low-cost PCs. LindowsOS SPX is the first OS product designed to cater to their needs," stated Michael Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of Lindows.com, Inc. "Unlike legacy operating systems, LindowsOS SPX includes a membership component which means for one affordable price the user receives a complete computing solution, including the OS, and an entire library of quality software which they can digitally access and tailor to their computing needs."
I guess the Articles of Confederation weren't good enough. We now have a "United Linux."
LINDON, Utah, CURITIBA, Brazil, NUREMBERG, Germany, and BRISBANE, Calif. - May 30, 2002 - Linux Industry leaders Caldera International, Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD), Conectiva S.A., SuSE Linux AG, and Turbolinux, Inc., today announced the organization of UnitedLinux, a new initiative that will streamline Linux development and certification around a global, uniform distribution of Linux designed for business. UnitedLinux addresses enterprise customers' need for a standard, business-focused Linux distribution that is certified to work across hardware and software platforms, accelerating the adoption of Linux in the enterprise. Under terms of the agreement, the four companies will collaborate on the development of one common core Linux operating environment, called UnitedLinux software. The four partners will each bundle value added products and services with the UnitedLinux operating system and the resulting offering will be marketed and sold by each of the four partners under their own brands.
More information in the form of white papers and conference calls can be found on this page.
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