The fastest PC anywhere?

Here's something I saw at Computex last week that I don't want to forget to show you guys. This is a rig that was showing at the Asus booth, cooled courtesy of Asetek's Vapochill unit. Asetek's CEO, Andre Erikson, was on hand at the Asus booth to show off his company's creation. Asus helped make this beast work by supplying a P4B5333 motherboard capable of keeping the PCI and memory clock at sane speeds while overclocking the heck outta the front-side bus and CPU.

The Asus/Vapochill 3.2GHz wonder
Mr. Eriksen said the CPU in this unit was a Pentium 4 2.4GHz before they got to overclocking it. We should be hearing more out of Vapochill in the coming weeks and months.
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