Apple aims for PC users

— 1:58 AM on June 12, 2002

The latest Mac marketing campaign is just too much fun to ignore here. I know this has been in the 'bread, but I've got to mention Apple's new Switch ad campaign. (Thanks to Tom for pointing it out.) They're trying to lure PC users into making the biggest mistake of their li... err... into buying Macs.

I've not reviewed all of the propaganda material yet, but my favorite bit so far is reason #2 on Apple's list of Top 10 reasons to switch. Get a load of this:

2. It doesn't crash

Are you just a tad too well acquainted with the notorious “blue screen of death”? Bid it a fond farewell. With Mac OS X, you’ll become accustomed instead to industry-leading stability. In this elegant new operating system, memory is fully protected and applications can’t conflict with the OS or one another. And, oh yes, Mac OS X is built on the industrial strength of UNIX. Most Fortune 500 companies, governments and universities rely on UNIX for their mission-critical applications. And now, so can you.

How rich is that? After years of pushing a crash-prone, conflict-happy OS lacking basic facilities like protected memory, Apple is singing the praises of... protected memory! Wonder of wonders! Not only that, but they're trying to use this "revolutionary new feature" as an enticement for PC users.

I'm sure there's more gold in them thar hills. We'll have to excavate.

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