Team TR Folding update

Our insurgent efforts to reach the top ranks of Folding teams continues in style. We've moved up to number 17 (or 16, if you don't count non-team people), and we're still producing faster than the five or so teams in front of us. Not bad for a little blue-and-white tech site. Next victim: the entire country of Germany, which apparently has a single Folding team. Must be a reunification thing.

Those of you folding for Team TR will want to grab the newly released client version 3.0, which includes a number of updates. You can see the list of changes here, but the most important change is this one: the client now uses port 80, so even the fussiest of firewalls shouldn't be a problem anymore.

In the race for the top spot on the TR team, Kuhtarl has a 500-point lead over Steel, but Steel is coming on strong. Meanwhile, Dr. Evil has staked a claim on third place, and I'm bringing some heavy hardware to bear on the situation in an attempt to catch him. Only about 260 points to go now. Give me a few days.

In other news, DiM put together a new version of his Folding setup guide for us, which I will try to get online some time soon. (I'm the bottleneck here. Sorry.) He's cleaned up some problems with the dual-CPU instructions, which should be a big help to some of us.

Finally, if you haven't joined the team yet (or if you've joined and then lapsed), go read up and see what it's all about. It's a great cause, and in a strange, geeky way, it's fun.

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