TR update

Dissonance is back from his wild-oats-sowing expedition in Europe, and once he finds a place to settle with a broadband hookup, he'll be dropping some serious reviewage on us in no time. I have a massive box o' mobos and assorted items from those ass-kickers at KickAss Gear to ship up north there to him shortly. We should also have a little more regular news once he gets cranking.

I've added an ad space over in the right-hand column of the front page. Right now, the ads running over there are for the guys at The Planet, who provide us with hosting facilities for our server and a painfully fast 'net connection. They've done a bang-up job for us (and for the cold, [H]ard|OCP) for the past couple of months. The connection is fast, and the bandwidth flows wide and free. When we've needed an occasional hand with our server, the guys there have shown that they're real pros. I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a good co-lo or hosting provider.

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