K8, KT400, and Crush18D chipsets on parade

There will be a slew of new motherboards released between now and the end of this year, and some Japanese stores are giving you an early preview. To be sure, most of these motherboards were showcased at Computex, but for those with a sweet tooth, there are some nice pictures of Hammer chipsets from AMD and VIA. Others on display include VIA's KT400, NVIDIA's Crush18D (now slated for a late August / September release), SiS648, and a mystery chipset. While it is doubtful that this dual Xeon / dual channel DDR motherboard (seen here and here) could be Intel's Placer, speculation can run wild. In fact, if you are able to read the Japanese, there are a lot of interesting tidbits buried within this sometimes gossipy two-page feature.
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