1. AKIBA has Albatron KX400+ and more MSI K8 mobo pictures
  2. AMDWorld's AMD versus Intel: yesterday and tomorrow
  3. Geekshelter reviews Soldier of Fortune 2
  4. Tweakers Australia has Windows XP - tweaks, hacks, and tips
    and June motherboards giveaway
  5. Mikhailtech's case giveaway for June: week 4

  1. HotHardware reviews SOYO KT333 Dragon Ultra
  2. PimpRig reviews 512MB Corsair XMS2700 memory
  3. BurnOutPc reviews ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500
  4. Björn3D reviews VisionTek Xtasy GF4 Ti 4200
  5. PCStats reviews Samsung SyncMaster 240T 24" TFT flat panel
  6. The Hardwire reviews Zalman Northbridge cooler
    and explains how cooling works: part 1
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