New powers for copyright holders proposed

A new bill being prepared in the US Congress seeks to give copyright owners the freedom to launch attacks on file-sharing networks, attacks that would now be considered illegal under anti-hacking laws. ZDNet has the scoop, including a short list of some of the weapons that would be available to copyright holders:
• interdiction, in which a copyright owner floods a file swapper with false requests so that downloads can't get through;

• redirection, in which a file swapper might be pointed to a site that doesn't actually have the files they're looking for;

• and spoofing, in which a corrupt or otherwise undesirable file masquerades as a song, movie or other file that people are seeking.

Copyright holders wouldn't be allowed to distribute viruses, nor would they be allowed to cause damage to a computer sharing copyrighted works. Still, I don't like what I see. There's a big difference spoofing with white noise MP3 files and flooding a computer with false requests
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