S is for Smacked Down

Specifically I'm speaking of the S that separates online art site etoy.com and toy vendor eToys.com. Take a look at the News.com story on the end of the affair, as it were. Essentially, it looks like eToys took it in the shorts on this one. The two sites agreed to drop their lawsuits against one another. In addition, eToys.com will pay the legal fees of etoy.com, and get the courts to remove a previous block on the etoy.com domain name.

To quote the etoy.com attorney, "eToys doesn't get anything from this episode but a black eye." Heh heh. Apparently a lot of the pressure to settle came from online protesters who were upset with eToys for pushing around the little guy, so to speak. Protesters making a difference; makes me wanna become a flower child or something. And they didn't even set downtown Seattle on fire.

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