Poll time: Integrated motherboard components

— 11:40 AM on July 1, 2002

There's a new poll up for your voting pleasure, just in time to rescue you from another daunting Monday. However, before we get into this week's topic, let's take a look at where you all live with the results of last week's poll. In the end, 62% of voters hail North America, followed by 22% from Europe. Asia comes in with 6%, Australia with 5%, and Africa and South America each with 1%. You're all pretty spread out, aren't you?

This week's poll deals with the integrated motherboard components that manufacturers seem to be loading on with unbridled enthusiasm. Are any of you really using these on-board components?

Which integrated motherboard components do you use?
Are all those extra ports on your motherboard lying fallow, or do you have them all loaded up? Go vote!
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