Hacking on AOL'ers

In this case I mean that literally. Per this story on APB News.com, hackers have apparently found a "staff tool" on AOL's network and a security flaw in their registration process, and are now using them to change people's AIM (instant messenger) passwords. Apparently the security flaw allows the hackers to change a user's password without knowing their current password. Being the creative type, the hackers are using their knowledge for such mature activity as sending rude messages to others on the user's "Buddy List."

Then there's the obligatory "talk to the consultant" part of the article. The way his quotes are framed it's clear that he's only guessing at what the real problem is, but that doesn't stop him from playing village elder: "When I first wrote programs . . . [y]ou had to write tight programs that used as little resources as possible. This forced you to write good programs. [Today] programmers [are] sloppier and sloppier with their programming . . ." I'm sure he walked 20 miles to school, in the snow, uphill both ways too.

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