Asus' new low-price brand to ship in September

The brand name might need a little work, but a lot of system integrators and price-sensitive consumers will be interested to know that Asus' new ASROCK brand is on track to start shipping product in September. DigiTimes has the scoop on the low-end offering.
With the new ASROCK brand name, Hua Ching’s motherboard products are set to target the low-price segment and are regarded by Asustek as the latest tool to expand its market share. Facing fierce competition and the industry’s trend towards low prices, Shih said that Asustek is unable to predict its overall gross margin in the third quarter. At present, the company’s primary goal is to maintain its first-place position in shipments, he added.
Ideally ASROCK can deliver the kind of quality expected from Asus at a price point that lets other markets in on the action. I wouldn't be surprised to see ASROCK boards in products from the bigger OEMs.

ECS will be one of ASROCK's more direct competitors, and ironically enough, ECS has banners running right above the story at DigiTimes.

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