TR's new online store debuts

We've been hawking shirts and other TR merchandise for a while now, but we haven't really had a good way of presenting exactly what's available. Until now. Dissonance has whipped up a brand-spanking new online store for us. Now you can actually see what you're getting before you buy, and there's even a separate page to show off the various shirt styles.

For some of you guys, the biggest news will probably be the new golf shirts. I know some of you were wanting something like this, and I was, too. These are actual shirts with collars, so you can get away with wearing them at work. For the legion of TR-reading ladies, there are also some very nice new "baby doll" shirts. Guys, if you see a woman wearing one of these in public, drop on one knee and propose immediately.

AMD fanboys will want to check out the "Waiting for Hammer" shirts.

And yes, if you buy a shirt or a mug, we'll get a little bit of wampum to help keep the site running.

We can easily add new shirt or mug designs if we want. Mail Dissonance with your ideas.

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