U.S. Congressman looks to solidify fair use

It's not often that I'll praise a politician, but U.S. Congressman Rick Boucher deserves some props for trying to make a few changes that could make the lives of Webcasters and anyone that enjoys digital music a lot easier. AtNewYork.com reports:
He said he would introduce legislation that would essentially codify "fair use" provisions of copyright law (that have been implied but not necessarily guaranteed). He also wants to ease up some of the more copy-restrictive provisions of the 1998 Digital Milennium Copyright Act, whose pay-per-use provisions on copies he has criticized as a threat not only to "fair use," but to innovation, idea exchange, even First Amendment guarantees on free speech.
The article is short, and it's definitely worth a look if you're curious about what exactly Boucher is set to propose. Frankly, it all looks pretty good to me. Of course, just because Boucher is ready to stand up for fair use doesn't mean that the rest of Congress will follow suit. Perhaps it's a good time to write your local representative and see if you can persuade them to lend a hand.
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