FCC has information on Handspring's latest

Want a hint at what Handspring has up its sleeve for its next handheld communications device? Look no further than the FCC's web site, where you can find test reports and a few revealing photos. PDA Buzz reports:
The product looks to be very similar to the Treo 270, although the prototype is in a gold case similar to Samsung’s i300, complete with a Sprint logo. The main difference is the inclusion of a CDMA2000 cellular radio for use on Sprint’s network. The Treo 300 will support Sprint’s 3G network , allowing for data speeds of up to a theoretical 144Kbps. (Realistically, expect speeds of 50 to 70Kbps.) It appears from the documentation that 3G data will be charged by the amount of data transmitted, rather than by the amount of time spent online. Whether that will be a pro or a con depends on pricing structure, obviously.
As a Handspring Visor Deluxe owner, I wasn't a huge fan of Handspring's move to concentrate on communications devices like the Treo, but something with 3G support could get me hooked.

High speed connectivity could be the next big thing for handheld devices as users search for a justification for replacing their current PDAs with the latest in handheld gadgetry. However, according to this story over at C|Net, WiFi connectivity could be an expansion slot away.

The wireless equipment maker announced on Tuesday that it is working with SyChip to incorporate 802.11b wireless networking technology into a Secure Digital (SD) card for handheld devices.
The SD card could show up by year's end, and could shake up the handheld market by providing potentially cheaper wireless connectivity for handheld devices. That wireless connectivity, combined with a new wave of devices based on more robust hardware and newer operating systems could spurn resurgence in the handheld market in coming months. Is it too early to put something like this on my Christmas wish list?
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