Switching from Linux to WinXP

If I had a dime for every article I've seen chronicling a Windows user's move to Linux, or a nickel for every time I've had to endure one of Apple's switch ads, I'd have a lot of useless change. Much to my surprise, Slashdot has linked this account of a Linux user's switch from to Windows XP.
Yes, I've gone back. After three and a half years of trying to make GNU/Linux work on the desktop, I've decided that it's simply too hard for the average home user. Before I go into my reasons for going back, let me outline what I believe an 'average' home user is. Mr Joe Average is someone who wants to install their OS, boot it up, and it works. He wants to be able to upgrade his PC , and have the hardware work in a few short minutes. He wants to read email, browse the web, talk to his mates online, and play some games. Feel free to disagree with me, this is merely how I see myself. Note: I'm not referring to Grandma using Linux, or even my mum using it. I'm referring to average users who know a little about their computer.
Three and a half years? This guy's got stamina, and he does highlight a number of key areas that Linux really must address if they're to become a credible mass market alternative to Windows on the desktop.

Mass market appeal is really the key to challenging Microsoft's desktop monopoly. With PCs becoming ever more ubiquitous, and a greater number of Joe Sixpacks sitting down at the keyboard, we may see the percentage of *nix-savvy techies shrink relative to the mainstream masses.

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