VIA's Envy24 audio chip explained

Last month we rounded up a bunch of sound cards and ran them through the gauntlet. Now VIA has thrown its hat into the ring with the Envy24 sound chip, and VIA's own VIA Arena site has more info about the chip. For those who aren't familiar with the Envy24, this should get you started:
The Envy24 chip was designed with the professional audiophile in mind. It has 24-bit resolution with 96kHz sampling rates, and a 20 channel 36-bit wide digital mixer. It has a wide range of connection options including 12x 2 simultaneous input and output channels with the data sources being analog or digital including 92kHz S/PDIF integrated support.
Yeah, Envy24 is stacked. It looks like the PC audio world just got another very credible competitor to Creative.
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