Cutting through the MacWorld rumors

It's oh so difficult to resist a rousing Mac discussion, so here's the latest from Steven Den Beste on the cloud of MacWorld rumors that's slowly starting to thicken.
This upcoming MacWorld is no different. In the days coming up to it the rumors are swirling, just as always, ranging from the moderately realistic to the hallucinatory. But the fact is that the faithful are serving themselves and their brethren badly with this kind of dreaming, because when the truth is finally revealed it never lives up to the expectations. Thus what might otherwise have been greeted as a real advance, a significant improvement, ends up instead being greeted as a disappointment because it wasn't enough.
Steve Jobs could have a real ace up his sleeve, but I'm going to put my money on 17" iLamps and maybe a modest speed boost, both of which I'm sure will be spun as revolutionary.
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