DDR prices on the rise?

If you're looking to pick up some DDR SDRAM in the next little while, sooner may be better than later according to this story over at The Inquirer. The honeymoon is over, and memory prices are edging up again.
IF YOU'RE PLANNING on buying DDR memory you'd better get your skates on, as spot market watcher Marco Fumagalli tells us that 256MB sticks are likely to hit $60 on the spot market at the beginning of next week.

Currently, and in the European market, such sticks are costing around $57, with these prices spot market rather than retail market prices.

DDR333 is particularly in demand, and as DigiTimes explains, it's partly Intel's fault.
With Intel’s planned launch of DDR333-based chipsets in October, DRAM distributors are scrambling for the currently limited supply of 256Mbit DDR333, causing prices to shoot up to nearly US$7.50, much higher than mainstream DDR266 prices, DRAM distributors report.
The Inquirer article claims that over 90% of new computers built in the next month will use DDR SDRAM, and even in this slumping PC market that kind of demand can drive prices almost as well as a new resource-hungry version of Windows.
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