Halo coming to the PC, really

The wait is over: Halo is officially coming to the PC. The port should be ready next summer, with a Mac version to follow. Check out the press release over at Shacknews.
"Our goal is for Mac and Windows users to battle each other on foot, in vehicles, and in the air next summer when the best first-person shooter ever created comes to both Macintosh and Windows," according to Destineer President Peter Tamte
That certainly sounds better than flaming each other in the comments, doesn't it?

A year is a long time to wait, though. By then we could be knee deep in Unreal Warfare and even the new Doom. However, a year may be the minimum for enough of the market to adopt the hardware necessary to emulate the Xbox's capabilities to make porting the title financially viable. Either way, I can't wait.

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