AMD to demo 1GHz Athlon at Comdex?

According to the lads at The Register, AMD is going to treat some folks at Comdex to a demo of their Athlon processor running at 1GHz courtesy of a new, smaller .18 micron feature size. Unlike the super-cooled 1GHz CPU demos from Intel and AMD at previous events, the 1GHz Athlon appears close to production. The Register reports:

Sources close to AMD have said that the company is likely to go with a 1GHz processor in January of next year. It already has the 750MHz Athlon in production, according to sources close to AMD, and could start shipping the 800MHz whenever it chooses to. The issues are marchitectural, rather than architectural. In other words, AMD wants to maximise sales of its current processors and not jump the gun, even though it could.

Sounds like AMD is taking a page outta Intel's book here, doesn't it? Maximizing profits! Or, in AMD's case, minimizing losses, I suppose. I saw this news bit at VE, by the way.

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