Canon pumps up the pixels in digicams has a story on Canon's new digital camera, the PowerShot S20. The S20 will go on sale in Japan in March, with a price tag of 99,800 yen ($946 USD). The S20 features a resolution of 3.3 megapixels. Say it together with me: Daaaaaaaamn. The article didn't reveal the width/height figures for the resolution, but a quick pop over to Canon's web site reveals that it's 2048x1536.

The camera comes bundled with a 16MB CompactFlash card, which according to the Canon site can store 31 pictures in the camera's normal/large mode (2048x1536, high JPEG compression). Of course the CNN article claims it takes 64MB of CF to store the same number and type of pictures, so who knows? Not knowing anything more, I'll side with Canon on this one, since they make the thing and all.

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