Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. I had big fun. I stepped over the threshold into a new level of domesticity as we picked up our new minivan. Yep! There's no going back now. We even strapped in Jr. Damage and Jr. Damagette and went for a nice, long drive on Saturday evening. There's no better way to spend those weekend nights.

It may seem like I've been a bit scarce around here lately, but I promise I've been pulling strings in the background in order to keep things rolling. In fact, there's really a lot going on. Much of my work must be conducted in secret—clandestine meetings, illicit benchmarking, covert Excel jockeying—until the appointed times. We have a big couple of weeks coming up, which should be fun—lots of new goodies are coming before the end of the month.

You may have noticed we have a couple new sponsors over on the right of the front page here. Go visit the folks at CoolerGuys and PC PitStop to see what they have to offer. PC PitStop will be of particular interest to all you SCSI freaks. They have all the fancy cables and weird terminators you need to make SCSI work.

You've probably also noticed more news here during the weekdays. That's Geoff's doing. We're working on keeping the news flowing during the weekdays here more consistently, so send him some news. He could use something interesting to post.

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