Microsoft leaving the Mac?

According to this story over at WinInfo, Microsoft isn't happy with OS X's sales and is looking to pull out its support for the operating system if things don't improve.
On the eve of Apple Computer's semi-annual MacWorld event, Microsoft has dropped a bombshell on the company: Work harder to accelerate Mac OS X sales, or Microsoft will exit the Mac market forever. This sentiment is one shared by many Mac developers, as Mac OS X has not sold well at all, as reported recently in WinInfo Daily UPDATE. Currently, Apple estimates that as few as 1 to 2 million people have switched to its latest operating system, despite the fact that it's shipped free on several million computers.
What's amusing here is that, according Apple's senior vice president of world-wide product marketing, Office for OS X's high price is keeping sales low. Apparently, after emptying their wallets for overpriced and underpowered Mac hardware, users aren't left with enough cash to cover Microsoft's Office suite. Of course this story over at C|Net seems to indicate that Mac users are more affluent than PC users.
"With above-average household income and education levels, the Mac population presents a very attractive target for marketers, both online and offline," the research group said.
Shouldn't they be able to afford Office for OS X's price tag?

Maybe there's a different explanation. If Mac users choose Apple's computers largely because of their aesthetic qualities, it might take more than a new OS, or office suite, or even a faster processor to attract more buyers. Maybe what Apple really needs is a new line of colors.

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