Wal-Mart hawks Mandrake-powered PCs

Microtel now has a full line of Mandrake Linux-powered PCs on Wal-Mart's web site. The big question is: will they succeed?

Linux has built a devoted following over the years, but as this story over at C|Net reports, your average Wal-Mart shopper may not be willing to try something completely different:

However, a savings of less than $100 won't be enough incentive for the average consumer to tackle an unfamiliar operating system, said Technology Business Research analyst Brooks Gray.
$100 isn't trivial when you're talking about a sub-$400 PC, but neither is learning a new brand new operating system. Whether Linux can make a splash, sales-wise, with a retailer that sells everything from Barbie to dishwashers remains to be seen.
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