1. A trip down memory lane: classic TR (thanks Devin Smith)
  2. NVIDIA and Shuttle Computer open the digital media gateway
  3. Matrox Graphics elected as voting member of OpenGL architecture review board
  4. Transcend 6-in-1 card reader/writer fulfills all flash memory data transfer needs
  5. The Inquirer reports that Intel will cut 4,000 jobs
    and AMD pursues Intel antitrust case in Europe (thanks billb)
  6. House passes tough computer crime bill (thanks billb)
  7. Microsoft readies W2K SP3 (thanks billb)
  8. Designtechnica on target marketing
  9. Ars Technica reviews 2003 Honda Civic hybrid car
  10. Mikhailtech's July giveway - week 3
Systems and networking

  1. Amdmb, AnandTech, Björn3D, DeviantPC, GamePC, [H]ard|OCP, Hard Tecs 4U,
    Hardware Accelerated, nV News, SimHQ, SocketA, Tom's Hardware Guide, Tweak3D, VIAHardware, and Viper's Lair preview nForce2 chipset
  2. GeekExtreme has nForce2 preview and Brian Huynh interview
  3. Hardware Extreme previews AMD Opteron (thanks billb)
  4. Neoseeker has an asynchronous bus guide
  5. AMDZone reviews Swiftech QPower liquid cooled barebones system
  6. Hard Tecs 4U's Pentium 4 motherboards roundup
  7. MBReview has Soltek SL-85ERV VIA P4X400 information
  8. Overclocker Café reviews Actiontec cable / DSL router
  9. GotApex? reviews Compex NetPassage NP16 broadband Internet gateway
    bundle and WP-11A wireless access point
  10. HardwareMasters review TRENDware TEW-211BRP wireless broadband router
    and access point

  1. Dan's Data reviews DigitalPersona U.are.U Personal fingerprint ID system
  2. Neoseeker reviews MSI G4Ti4200
  3. Tweakers Asylum reviews Inno3D Tornado GF4 Ti 4200
  4. PCStats reviews Samsung SW240 40x/12x/40x CD-RW drive
  5. Björn3D reviews Plextor Plexwriter 40/12/40A CD-RW drive
  6. VN Roundup reviews NewQ DAP audio peripheral
  7. I am Not a Geek reviews Samsung ML-1440 laser printer
  8. G3D reviews EMI shielded ATA cable
Cases and cooling

  1. phlux compares Scorpio and AVGS Cyber Fusion cases
  2. Hard Tecs 4U reviews Noblesse Midi Tower case
  3. X-Treme PC TECH reviews Blizzard 360 Ultra Quiet MarkII case
  4. SystemCooling reviews GlobalWIN CAK-488T heatsink
  5. FrostyTech reviews Ajigo MF014021 copper heatsink
  6. Monster-Hardware reviews Swiftech MCX462
  7. AusPCWorld reviews Arkua Socket 478 cooler
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