1. relaunches with a new & improved website
  2. Ars Technica has a wireless security blackpaper
  3. PC911 on home networking and Internet connection sharing
  4. OcPrices reviews Aliens versus Predator 2
  5. Björn3D hosts Haiku poetry contest

  1. Tweakers Australia and TweakTown have EPoX 8RGA+ nForce2 information
  2. eliteHW reviews Highspeed PC unlocking kit
  3. 3dGameMan reviews EPoX 4G4A+
  4. Digit-Life's VIA KT333 motherboards roundup
  5. TweakTown reviews Kingmax DDR-400 SDRAM

  1. OCTools reviews Chaintech GT21 GF4 Ti 4200 128MB
  2. TweakNews reviews Samsung SyncMaster 152T LCD display
  3. Overclockers Australia on flashing the LG 32x/10x/40x CD-RW drive to 40x/12x/40x
  4. DVD-RW meets Firewire: GotApex? reviews Mstar DVR-A03 external DVD-RW
  5. EverythingUSB reviews 40GB SimpleTech SimpleDrive Deluxe
  6. WhiningDog reviews 2 small USB keyboards
  7. Tech Freaks reviews MS Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer
  8. GiBTEK reviews PS-Connect (USB PS2 gamepad to PC converter)
Cases and cooling

  1. Neoseeker reviews Antec Performance Plus 880 case
  2. VIAHardware reviews AMS gTOWER CF-1006 aluminum mid-tower chassis
  3. GiBTEK discusses the basics of how a peltier works
    and reviews Swiftech TEC waterblock
  4. Dark-Tweakers reviews Volcano 7 "Silent Viking" and Thermalright AX-7 heatsinks
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