A quick look at nForce2 benchmarks

To be sure, we saw a deluge of nForce2 previews yesterday, but we want to see the benchmarks, right? Well, if you're curious, take a look at the coverage over at PC Watch. Sure, it's in Japanese, but there are some familiar benchmarks showing the nForce2 handily beating VIA's KT333 chipset. Should this make VIA nervous? DigiTimes reports:
Although Nvidia hopes to grab market share in the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)-platform market with a more complete nForce2 graphics chipset line, motherboard makers say that it is unlikely to affect VIA Technologies, the biggest AMD chipset supplier, much in the short term. Nvidia’s new chipsets are still priced above US$30, and VIA itself will launch a new Zoetrope-based KM333 integrated chipset at the end of the third quarter.
The nForce2 looks good, but VIA has an ace up its sleeve with the KT400 chipset. Stay tuned to TR for a head-to-head comparison.

Separately, NVIDIA announced plans for the Crush K8 chipset. This platform will support AMD's Hammer line of processors and is due in Q4.

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