MS announces MSN 8

MSN 8 enters beta testing.
REDMOND, Wash. -- July 16, 2002 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced MSN® 8, its innovative new version of MSN that is designed to deliver a comprehensive and useful set of software services for consumers to help them reach their potential on the Internet. Offering enhanced online safety features, valuable communication services and advanced browsing and productivity software, MSN 8 will be included in MSN Internet Access broadband and narrowband subscriptions and also will be available as a separate subscription to consumers who use other ISPs. A limited beta of MSN 8 will be released this week. The final version of MSN 8 will be available in the United States and Canada later this year and in other parts of the world in the following months.
It's also worth noting that AOL 8.0 is in beta testing, too. Isn't it fun to see these two try to outdo each other?
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