Will CPUs go vertical?

Traditionally, chipmakers have shrunk the die size of their processors in order to enable faster speeds, but this can't continue forever, right? In time, Moore's Law will fail to hold, and then what? This Forbes article suggests some new avenues that are being explored.
Turns out chipmakers and big-city developers have a similar problem: They are running out of space. In less than a decade, engineers figure they will have packed all the computing power they can into a microchip's tiny real estate, ending the yearly leaps in processing speed we take for granted. One long-proposed solution: Pull a Donald Trump and build up instead of out. You can pack more tenants in a skyscraper than in a ranch house; why not turn the microchip into a cube to get more computing power in the same space?
It sounds wild, but if Doritos can go 3D, why not microprocessors?
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