Poll time: OS X for x86

— 10:13 AM on July 22, 2002

We've got a fresh poll to wake you up on this Monday morning, but before we get into this week's question, let's take a look at last week's results. A whopping 36% of voters think that Doom 3 will be the next killer app for the PC, while 30% think the next big thing hasn't been invented yet. Speech recognition proves popular with 18% of the vote, followed by video editing with 6%. Another 6% of voters think that this is pretty much it, and that a killer app doesn't exist, while a few Photoshop filters came in with only 2%.

This week Apple's OS X is in the spotlight:

Would you use OS X if it were ported to x86 hardware?
Many of the complaints surrounding Apple's computers focus on their pricing model and hardware shortcomings, but what if you could use OS X on your PC? What would you do?
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