Well, I was going to write a graphics article for you all this evening, but after writing the nForce2 preview, flying out to San Fran and covering the Radeon 9700 launch, then coming back and spending the weekend testing chipsets for our SiS 648 review, I just didn't have it in me tonight. I do want to follow up on the ATI R300 and what's happening with the next generation of graphics hardware. I spent a lot of my time at the ATI launch event quizzing ATI employees about the R300, and I have some interesting details to share. Also, we should see some juicy NV30 info spilled at Siggraph this week. But it'll have to wait.

Instead, I was alone at home tonight without wife or kids, so I ate an egregiously super-sized value meal from McDonald's, washed my car, went for a drive around the lake (lake back roads = my personal race track), surfed some NFL previews for the upcoming season, watched Witchblade, and made a grocery run for some Tin Roof Sundae ice cream, which I ate. I have no excuse.

I have really been enjoying the epic three-way battle for the first place slot on our Folding team. Kuhtarl and Steel are giving me a run for my money, and I may not be able to hold them off for long. The white noise from the CPU fans is putting me to sleep as I type. Check our Statsman page for a play-by-play account. The fight for the top, combined with some new additions and upgrades, has pushed us back into the top 9 producing teams in the world, at least for now. In fact, we had barbecue tonight, courtesy of the Dutch. (Here in Kansas City, we're famous for our barbecue.) Do go join the team if you haven't yet.

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