Microsoft clarifies SP1 WPA changes

Microsoft has stepped up to clarify allegations made in this story, which we linked on Monday. Windows Informant has the scoop, straight from Redmond:
"There is no truth in this rumor," Allen Nieman, the Lead Technical Product Manager for Licensing Technologies at Microsoft told me Thursday. "We are not changing the way volume licensing customers install or deploy Windows XP. We are not issuing volume licensing customers new product keys. Volume licensing customers are not impacted by any of the changes we are making to activation in SP1. The only folks impacted by the changes we are making in SP1 are people with illegal copies of Windows."
The story goes on to explain the only two modifications to the WPA, neither of which will penalize or inconvenience users or corporations using legitimate Windows XP licenses. In fact, Microsoft is adding a three day activation grace period if XP is installed on a second machine.

Thanks to TR reader Lindsay Berry for the tip.

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