One of life's little bumps

I met with a friend and avid TR reader in a local tech shop here last week. He handed me a little PCB with an ever-so-tiny Motorola G4 CPU on it. I gave him a perplexed look before he pointed to the CPU and stated, "Read the writing."

"Dead 2002" adorned the Motorola G4, which of course raised the question of where this came from and who had written on it. Turns out it's from a new 2002 Quicksilver G4 purchased from the store on June 25, 2002. The customer brought it back to the store on July 12, 2002 complaining that the system had been extremely problematic and eventually failed to power on. The technician had just gotten around to working on the system, and that's when he discovered the writing on the CPU. Apparently, the CPU had already been defined dead before it hit store shelves, but was shipped in a new system regardless. Even worse, it appears the system board is also damaged.

Between a $700 ($986 retail) PC133 motherboard and a $400 ($592 retail) 800MHz processor, it's a good thing the system is under warranty.

Thanks to AngryM0nk3y for the pictures and details.

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